I'm a brand marketing communications strategist and creative director that is consistently dedicated to vigorously defending your brand. 
My specialty is applying my collective creativity and account experience to help you identify, develop and communicate your brand in an engaging way. 
Whether your brand is communicated in print, online, social media or one-to-one marketing, I guide it through a process that helps define your company.

Brand is your essence, your character, and your personality. And as such, it’s not so much what you think and say what you are, but what others think and say. Brand is the sum of your history, what you do, how you do it, your appearance, your people, your attitude, and qualities that can only be described as “the x factor.”

It is my job to work with you to help identify what your brand is, clarify and simplify it, focus it, make it over and shine it up if needed, and communicate it consistently in everything you produce – from your corporate identity to your collateral and on line communications to your social media presence.

Applications,of course, are the easy part. What’s challenging is the message: what you say and how you say it. I believe my consistent success in helping clients identify their brand and communicate it effectively is a key consideration in evaluating my potential value to your company.

All good communications and design firms do pretty much the same thing, but webelieve the way we go about planning and executing a project, i.e. our processes, sets me apart. I know a disciplined process is vital to staying on course, on time and within budget, while allowing for a free flow of ideas and new directions in treating the message.

My Visual Design process allows me to generate ideas that re-energize your company through creative messaging and distinctive design. Take a moment to learn how my proven process will change the way your company thinks about design.

What makes your company tick? Beyond the mission, vision and financials is a story that needs to be told and I engross myself in your company to root it out. I read everything I can find and listen to your team to understand your goals and corporate culture. Every great project begins with a strong foundation, and during the discovery phase, I define the audiences, outline communication priorities and identify any challenges so we can jointly build the strongest foundation for your communications.

A great message is the catalyst for a project. It is the spark that influences the rest of the project and it is what audiences will remember. During development, I focus on what was learned in our discovery and tap into the right brain to form compelling messages for your project. Once I’ve collaborated internally with my muses, I present the ideas to your team as illustrated storyboards.

Even the best message will be lost if the design is average. That won’t happen under my watch! My award-winning designs call on years of experience to develop visual design options that echo your project aspirations, from the big picture down to the smallest detail. Together with your team, I select the perfect design that best amplifies the message.

This is where the proverbial rubber hits the road. My team organizes and supervises the photography, copy writing, production (print or online) and printing or coding of your project to make it a reality. I have your team review pieces along the way, but our proven process helps make the experience as easy as possible and delivers the best result.

My process is always evolving to meet my clients’ needs; because even though our steps ensure success, I know there are different paths to the best solution. So when the project is finished and a framed copy hangs on your wall (I can dream), I like to meet one last time to discuss how things went and hear your audiences’ reactions.

My Web Design process is unique and has led to the success of many outstanding web design projects. I work with you to support your vision, communicate your message and make lasting connections with your audience.

My philosophy is to create highly functional partnerships with my clients as I work to understand your specific business requirements, processes, image and overall vision. This comprehensive knowledge learned during the discovery phase will shape my approach to an Internet strategy most appropriate in supporting your business goals and the goals of your audience. The process includes:

• Strategy Consultation: Meeting(s) to understand the goals, position in market, competitors and audience
• Creative Consultation: Meeting(s) to understand the tone, look and feel, and style guidelines-brand integration for the site
• Competitive Analysis: Research about competitor’s online representation
• User Research: Understanding of your target users expectations
• Design & Strategy Brief: Summarizes the discovery information gathered

User Experience
The core of good user interface design is effective information architecture and navigation. To structure content correctly, it is vital to define accurate user profiles and each of their goals, called use cases. I will work closely with you to help consult on best practices and draw on your expertise of your business and my years of experience in developing successful sites to create a user experience to meet your strategy goals. By breaking down and grouping information, matching the site navigation to the expectation of audience use, and adhering to design consistency, I create a structure and navigation that showcases your content in a seamless and easy-to-use manner. The process includes:

• Site Map: Visual hierarchy of website pages
• Use Cases: User scenarios and information layouts
• Wire frames: Visual representation of content positioning
• Prototyping: Modeling the basic website structure and functionality
• UsabilityTests: Validating our presumptions from discovery

Visual Design

With an understanding of the website’s goals defined, I turn my attention to concepts of a more visual nature. The design phase focuses around the elements of the creative process and user interface design such as: multiple custom homepage design concepts, multiple inner page design concepts, branding and style guide and animation. The process includes:

• Concepts: Initial ideas and art direction
• Sketching: Design layouts and potential directions
• Look & Feel: Visual elements and style
• Page Types: Development of multiple page templates
• Flash/Java: Bringing motion to the visual design if warranted

Once a design style is chosen and refined, page layouts will be developed with special consideration for search engine optimization. This includes creating HTML templates, creating style sheets and style guides to maintain consistency across the entire site,optimizing graphics for fast load times without compromising quality and development of all pages, applications and any functional programming. The process include:

• Tech Review: Technical analysis and strategy
• Programming: Coding of the visual design
• Content Management: Tools to make the site update-able if contracted for
• Testing: Browser compatibility and functionality to 2.0 standards for accessibility
• Launch: Making your website “live” on the Internet

Having a great looking website is only half the battle. A strategic Internet presence gives you a distinct advantage over your competition by effectively delivering your message to the right audience. My interactive marketing methodology consists of several elements that span on-site and off-site tactics including structuring your site for effective SEO, designing and managing email marketing and landing pages, setting a social media strategy and planning lead generation activities. The process includes:

• SEO/SEM: Promote your website on major search engines
• Email Marketing: Reach out to your contacts and drive traffic to your site
• Online Marketing: Promote your company using interactive advertising
• Print: Compliment your web presence through matching collateral
• Social Media Strategies: Online tactics to generate business leads
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